• We understand your tour expectations.
  • Your standards are like ours.
  • A commitment to quality travel and tour packages.


  • Provides access to best local pricing.
  • Saves your tour money while getting the best trip.
  • We utilize local insider travel knowledge.

Sojourn Turkey is a network of companies based on the Mediterranean and in the USA. Our focus is operating conferences throughout the Mediterranean region. With over 20 years of experience in the Med, we offer our customers the best of both worlds — local operators with connections to the best tour packages plus the benefits of American ownership, intuitively understand your western tastes and standards. We are a company that seeks to understand your implicit conference needs and fulfill your expectations. And we take pride in being experts at bridging the gaps so you have a wonderful travel experience on the Med.. We have developed a reputation among our customers for a high degree of flexibility, personal service, planner creativity and trustworthiness.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide our clients and our host country suppliers with tourist interactions that maximize positive experience, cultural understanding, value, profit and quality.

Our vision is to:

  • provide our customers with a high quality, close-up experience of the Mediterranean people and culture.
  • offer fairly priced conference options.
  • operate in a way that balances the desires and well being of both tourists and locals.
  • function in ways that minimize negative impact on historical, cultural and environrmental resources.
  • continually improve our performance and position by responding to the customers’s pre-trip and post-trip requirements.

Sojourn’s team is composed of travel loving cultural specialists, knowledgeable and experienced with the range of options in the Mediterranean and skilled at guiding our clients into the most rewarding cultural interactions. Our unique advantage is that we see our clients as valued partners, and we aim to achieve the highest quality packages in custom designed tours.

Chris Vannoy

An avid travel planner himself, he spends more than 30 days a year visiting sites, hotels, and restaurants to ensure they meet the demands of our clientele.

He is always eager for a day spent outside the office, investigating lesser known sites, with vision to develop new tours.

Having an Engineering degree from Georgia Tech (BME ’93), means that Chris is also an adept planner and problem solver. With a penchant for organization, he helps our staff think through the details and timing of your trip, planning carefully as if it was his own. He also has the mysterious skill of turning what could have been a misadventure into an adventure. He has some great “shortcut” stories to prove it!

Fluent in several languages, Chris is always making new friends and loves to see our customers discover the treasure of his adopted Mediterranean world.

Angela Vannoy

With a reputation as “Mrs. Customer Service,” she directs our staff in all matters related to customer interactions.

With the world’s greatest smile and an attitude that says, “Yes, we can do that!” Angela brings to life Sojourn’s personal planner touch in her work on your tour program, or as she assists you with your conference planning.

She exudes Southern warmth and charm and has mixed that with Mediterranean hospitality, creating the softer touch in this operation.

Fluent in several languages and even more so in Mediterranean relationships, she is quick to capture any opportunity to connect our tour groups with local culture and people, often resulting in an unexpected trip highlight

Kemal Bey

Coining the phrase, “Turkish Rock and Roll,” to describe the adventure of Mediterranean Travel, Kemal Bey never fails to direct us in new aspects of lifestyle and landscape, causing us to love His world all the more. He holds the esteemed role as our “Ağabey,” local speak for a respected big brother.

Having grown up and studied in the U.S., he also understands the western mindset, and is brililant at connecting the dots between locals and our guests.

With over 20 years experience in the Med's tourism scene, he knows how to recognize authenticity and quality.

Several months of the year, he is on the road, developing and maintaining relationships with our partners, and exploring new areas with tourism potential.